Our welding departments perform the following types of welding as standard:
MIG MAG welding of body elements with Argon and Co2. This is a manual welding by melting in a protective gas medium, with a fusible electrode. Durable welding cords are obtained, even in the case of thin materials, with a very good appearance and a high welding speed, with low smoke emissions aspirated by the smoke exhaustors.
Spot welding of nuts and screw on stamped parts. It is a weld by joining without the material addition. In the welding area, the components are compressed and electric current is transmitted which causes the parts to heat up locally. Threads of the nuts and bolts melt and, after the electrical charge is interrupted, the components solidify, performing spot welding.
Welding body parts with welding pliers. It is an electric pressure welding in line where the welded joint is made by passing the electric current between the two electrodes of the welding pliers and the parts to be welded. A series of welded pits are formed between the materials. The electrodes can be tightened mechanically, pneumatically or hydraulically.
Welding the studs on the stamped parts with the help of a stud machine.
We have 20 workstations, with the possibility of working on 3 shifts and with the possibility of extension depending on demand.

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